The Tragedy of Bushido (1960) Full Movie

The Tragedy of Bushido
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Watch The Tragedy of Bushido (1960) : Full Movie Online Free A 16-year-old youth is ordered to commit ritual suicide to follow his deceased lord into death and preserve the honor of his clan. His elder brother's wife, who has raised him as if he were her own child, asks her husband for permission to spend a single night with the young man and teach him the pleasures of the flesh, out of motherly mercy. However, the following day, an official decree is issued to ban suicide through fidelity...

Title The Tragedy of Bushido
Release Date Nov 30, 1960
Genres Drama,
Production Company Shochiku Co., Ltd.
Production Countries Japan
Casts Miki Mori, Junichiro Yamashita, Hizuru Takachiho, Fumio Watanabe, Mutsuko Sakura, Sohei Kurata
Miki Mori
Junichiro Yamashita
Hizuru Takachiho
Fumio Watanabe
Mutsuko Sakura
Sohei Kurata
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